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Great Lakes Piping Plovers

Population Status

Historically, Piping Plovers nested throughout the Great Lakes, with an estimated population 500-800 pairs. By the late-1980's the Great Lakes population had declined to 11-14 pairs, all within the state of Michigan. Although the breeding population is increasing, the Great Lakes Piping Plover is still extremely vulnerable to extirpation from predation, demographic and environmental stochasticity, and continued beach development.

GLPIPL Population.png
GL Chicks fledged.png

In recent years the Great Lakes Piping Plover population has expanded geographically towards the range they once covered. 2018 was the first year in many decades that Piping Plovers have nested on all five of the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes google earth_PIPL nesting lo

Historic Great Lakes Piping Plover Range

2015 Great Lakes Piping Plover Range

Great Lakes google earth_PIPL nesting lo

Late 1980s Great Lakes Piping Plover Range

2021 Great Lakes google earth_PIPL nesting locations.jpg

2021 Great Lakes Piping Plover Range

It is a special opportunity to be able observe Piping Plovers since there are only about 70 nesting pairs in the entire Great Lakes population and about 4000 pairs worldwide. 

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