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Great Lakes Piping Plovers
Research and Publications

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Much research has been conducted to help understand Great Lakes Piping Plovers and how to help protect the species. Since 1982 Dr Francie Cuthbert of The University of Minnesota and The University of Michigan Biological Station has led researchers focused on the genetics, behavior, habitat needs, plover/human interactions and more. Francie's team often collaborates with researchers from the other Piping Plover populations to widen the scope of our understanding of this migratory bird's needs. We've learned much that can be applied to assisting Great Lakes Piping Plovers through this ongoing effort.  

The following are citations for articles that have been published based on research conducted through the Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort. Many are the results of graduate (MS and/or Ph.D.) work overseen by Dr. Francie Cuthbert.

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