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Great Lakes Piping Plovers
Winter Observers

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Locations where Great Lakes Piping Plovers have been reported

We rely on volunteers, birders, beach walkers and observers from other research groups to understand the 9 months of the plovers' year when they're on winter territories. It's vital to our ability to protect Great Lakes Piping Plovers that we know where they spend the majority of the year and what threats they encounter there. There has been a core group of observers over the years that consistently monitor the plovers, however anyone can help out. If you see a plover while you're out on the beach, note the colors and positions of bands on its legs and send us as much information (date, location, etc...) as you can. Digital photos of any quality are very helpful.

By reporting your sighting, you too will be part of the Great Lakes Piping Plover recovery effort!

For information about what to report see: "Report a Banded Piping Plover". 

For information about Great Lakes band colors and patterns see: "Great Lakes Piping Plover Band Colors".

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