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Brothers Earl and Erg are Back for the Summer

Another two regulars of the Sleeping Bear nesting scene returned last week…brothers, Earl and Erg.

Earl (Of,RR:X,L) and Erg (Of,RR:X,G) hatched in 2016 on North Manitou Island, sons of RuGG (Of,RG:X,G) and "The Cuban" (Of,RL:X,b - the only Great Lakes Piping Plover reported in Cuba so far.)

Earl began nesting near Glen Haven in 2018, and has been there each year since then. He is a very successful dad; having fledged 10 chicks in three years.

Earl brooding his own four chicks and two neighbors during a downpour..

Erg spent his first breeding year on South Manitou Island near the village in 2017. In 2018 he moved to a territory near Glen Haven to become a neighbor of Earl's. He has returned there each year since. His territory is lower and more prone to flooding than Earl’s. He has fledged 6 chicks in four years.

Erg and his mate incubate as water comes close to their nest.

The winter haunts of both of these brothers are a mystery. Erg has never been reported away from the Great Lakes and Earl has only once been reported in Mississippi during migration in August.


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